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Holden of Pearl

holden of pearl

Location: Portland, Oregon

Client: Alliance Residential

Located in the fashionable and lively Pearl District, this senior housing project features a large Level 4 deck blanketed with greenroof and amenities that include outdoor dining and BBQs, giant chess, tenant gardening, a covered pet park, several seating areas, an indoor/outdoor fireplace, and a water feature. A Level 2 deck features several of the same elements as above, and a Memory Care courtyard at the ground level shares a side with the densely landscaped pedestrian path along the vacated NW 12th Avenue. The pedestrian path along NW 12th Avenue and NW Raleigh Street has a series of feature trees and special ‘nodes’ with integrated tables, gaming tables, and seating. Throughout these pedestrian paths, planting at grade, raised planters, and bioplanters provide a layered, lush landscape at ground level. The pattern of accent paving in the pedestrian paths is echoed in the greenroof patterns at the upper levels, creating a cohesive design that can be viewed from residents in the tower, as well as neighboring towers.