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Hoa Mai Gardens

hoa mai gardens

Location: Seattle, Washington

Client: Seattle Housing Authority

Completed: 2017

The landscape of Hoa Mai Gardens, the second project to be implemented in the revitalized Yesler Terrace Project with the Seattle Housing Authority, includes streetscapes, public pedestrian path that connects the 10th Avenue Hill Climb to the Yesler Terrace “Green Street” loop along South Washington Street, a large terraced courtyard with a children’s play area with seating, terraced p-patches flanked by fruit trees, and greenroof on various building levels. Bioretention planters along the pedestrian path help treat storm runoff from the site, and various art elements integrated along the path tie into the overall vision for the Yesler Terrace networks of pathways. The terraced p-patches and pedestrian path provide views out to Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Areas with bike racks and benches along the streets and pedestrian pathway provide multiple points of rest.

 The large central courtyard terrace has a variety of spaces that relate to the mix of private and communal building uses. Raised planters with trees and shrubs create a hierarchy of spaces and bring vegetation into the courtyard, while also allowing for visibility. The play area features play equipment for children ages 2-5 and 5-12, and a more organic path and climbing boulders at a children's scale, incorporated into a small landscaped area that promotes a multi-sensory exploration of natural elements.  Raised concrete planters with integrated seating face into the play area, encouraging interaction among users. Other spaces in the courtyard include private patios for residents and spaces allocated for daycare.

Awards: 2018 Gold Nugget Award for Best Affordable Housing Community (60-100 dwelling units/acre)