Fazio Associates Landscape Architects

Esterra Block 6B

esterra block 6b

Location: Redmond, Washington


The proposed project is located in the city of Redmond Overlake Village zone 4, and complies with the adopted Group Health-Overlake Village Master Plan. The project includes two new residential buildings situated on the unimproved Block 6B. The project reinforces the walkability from within and around the site to promote neighborhood activity while maintaining a connection to the public transit hubs. The siting of the buildings will take advantage of the hillside topography and create a network of courtyard spaces, pathways and streets that encourage walkability and connection to public transit. At the ground level, the streetscapes, pedestrian path, and the courtyard spaces will have abundant landscaping. The courtyard will provide outdoor gathering areas to encourage neighborhood activity, including a central water feature.

 The buildings will include a variety of indoor and outdoor amenities, including two terraces on the 7th floor and 8th floor with landscaping and gathering areas. A pedestrian path located along the north side of block 6B connects 156th Ave NE at the east to Tagore Ave NE at the west. Tagore Ave NE is classified as an urban pathway and provides a pedestrian connection to the future park. Building A on Block 6B is a seven-story building that includes affordable housing units and 2 market rate units, a YMCA day care facility, and accessory residential amenities. Building B on Block 6B is an eight-story building that includes predominantly market rate housing units and 13 affordable units. Building B also includes accessory residential amenities.