Fazio Associates Landscape Architects

Aegis Five Corners

Aegis five corners

Location: Seattle, Washington

Client: Aegis Living

This senior housing project is located in the Laurelhurst neighborhood, along the busy NE 45th Street arterial on a uniquely shaped site with a steep grade change, and the Burke-Gilman trail running along the north side of the site. The unusually large right-of-way setback along NE 45th Street allows for a generous public amenity space. A café and outdoor seating is located on the corner, along with the relocated historic Benton Street Clock. A children's play area adjacent to the café encourages multi-generational use of the site, and a large pedestrian entry plaza features integrated seat walls with chess tables, and a central water feature. A private patio space adjacent to the dining room appears sunken, as the grade rises to the east. Several existing and new street trees and on-site trees, and extensive landscape area, also enhance the pedestrian experience along NE 45th Street. New street trees, planting strips, and planting along the building along the NE 45th Place façade contribute to the pedestrian realm. The memory care courtyard is sunken along the north façade, adjacent to the Burke-Gilman trail, and has a "tailgate" theme to complement the collegiate architecture and feel of being part of the nearby University of Washington.